JOST coupling systems use cutting edge electronic technology to increase safety, comfort and efficiency in all operations. The following variants are currently available for different demands:

  • Automatic coupling system (KKS)
  • Sensor coupling system (SKS)
  • Sensor fifth wheel coupling (sensors)
  • LubeTronic 5 and 1Point

JOST KKS is the ground-breaking automatic coupling system, which is revolutionising the coupling process. The tried-and-tested components – including the
JSK 42 fifth wheel coupling, the Modul E-Drive landing gear, SKS, sensors and LubeTronic – form a complete system which no longer requires the driver to climb, crank or plug.

In the SKS sensor coupling system, three sensors constantly monitor the status of the fifth wheel coupling. The coupling is opened comfortably and in a time-saving manner using a remote control in the driver‘s cab. The sensor fifth wheel coupling system also permanently monitors the locking position via sensors, displaying the position via remote display in the driver’s cab.

The coupling systems are supplemented by LubeTronic, the automatic lubrication systems which are available for both standard and low-maintenance fifth wheel couplings. These systems reduce both the effort required for subsequent greasing, as well as the amount of grease. The biodegradable, high-performance lubricant is not only easy on the wallet, but also on the environment.



Mounting and Operating Instructions
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Fleet Master Handle 09/2013
LubeTronic 1Point mounting and operating instruction 10/2015
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SKS Sensor coupling system 01/2016
Sensor JSK 07/2020
Repair kits
LubeTronic 5Point Testing Instructions Standard 02/2017
LubeTronic 5Point Repair Manual 05/2012
JOST High-performance-lubricant Bio 03/2019
JOST High-performance-lubricant Bio 08/2021
LubeTronic 1Point 08/2021
LubeTronic 5Point The central lubrication system for fifth wheel couplings 01/2021
Repairkits Original spare parts 08/2016
SKS Sensor coupling system 09/2016
SKS Sensor-Coupling-System with remote display 08/2021
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Sales Information Volvo 08/2018
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