Dual height fifth wheel system

Dual-height fifth wheel systems

The dual-height fifth wheel system allows both megatrailers and conventional semi-trailers to be used on lowdeck tractor units. These vehicle attaching parts are subject to mandatory design approval on which the highest safety requirements are placed. Dual-height fifth wheel couplings from JOST can be mounted on all common tractor units (except site traffic), and are suitable for all trailer steering systems.

The height is adjusted when the tractor unit is uncoupled and can be set to mounting heights of 315 mm and 365 mm. The system can be locked, unlocked, raised and lowered within seconds using pneumatics.


Fitting dual-height fifth wheel system

The dual-height fifth wheel system is mounted directly on the mounting angles of the tractor unit. There is no need for an additional mounting plate. Further details are given in the mounting instructions.

When fitting our dual-height fifth wheel systems, JOST mounting instructions and the relevant national regulations must be observed (in Germany these are §§19, 20, 21 of the “StVZO” Motor Vehicle Safety Standards).


Type plate

The fifth wheel coupling is fitted with its own type plate. For further information, see the “Fifth wheel couplings” section of this catalogue

Each dual-height fifth wheel system is marked with a type designation. This can be found on the type plate attached to the sole plate. The model designation is used to identify the version of the dual-height fifth wheel system. When ordering spare parts, please quote the model designation and the factory number.


Mounting and Operating Instructions
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