When choosing a fifth wheel coupling, you should especially take into consideration the requirements placed on bearing arrangements, mounting and maintenance. Basically, JOST fifth wheel couplings can be used universally.

Rubber bearing – Model “C”

Fifth wheel couplings with rubber mountings are particularly suitable for poor quality road surfaces. The rubber cushions are shock-absorbent and maintenance-free.

Cardan mounting – Model “G”

The cardanic bearing is designed to allow roll between tractor and semi-trailer under off-road conditions. Due to the high strains it is designed as pivot bearing with wear-resistant bearing bushings. The lateral suspension must be disabled for
on-road use.

Pivot bearing – Model “K”

The K-bearing moves especially easy and it is torsion-proof and maintenance-free. It protects the chassis due to its longitudinal elasticity (lateral movement).

Pivot bearing – Model “D” and “E”

The pivot bearing allows low mounting heights and is maintenance-free in the “E” version. It is particularly suitable for use in sliding and dual height fifth wheel systems.

Hybrid bearing – Model “H”

The new hybrid bearing combines the advantages of the rubber and the slide bearing. The rubber cushions are shockabsorbent and maintenance-free. Thanks to the plastic collars it protects the chassis due to its longitudinal elasticity (lateral movement).

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