Everyone knows that regular, thorough maintenance is the most important factor in ensuring a long life span for a fifth wheel coupling. However, lubrication causes downtimes, costs money and harms the environment. To improve the situation,
there is a range of solutions that make lubrication easier or even entirely unnecessary for a period of time.

“W” version

The series JSK 37 CW / EW fifth wheel couplings and all the series JSK 42 fifth wheel couplings in version “W” are equipped with a plastic top plate liner on the mounting surface and a wearing ring with plastic insert in the locking mechanism. In conjunction with the maintenance-free rubber or pivot bearing, only one greasing point on the lock jaw needs local lubrication. All wearing parts can be replaced quickly and easily. Lowmaintenance fifth wheel couplings therefore save both time and money, as well as conserving resources.

“LubeTronic 5Point” version

LubeTronic 5Point was developed for fifth wheel couplings without top plate
liners. It is a lubrication system that is integrated into the fifth wheel coupling
and ensures reliable lubrication of the fifth wheel coupling plate and lock jaw. The electronic operation of the LubeTronic minimises the consumption of lubricant and ensures optimum lubrication of the fifth wheel coupling. The grease supply is sufficient for approx. 1 year.

“LubeTronic 1Point” version

Thanks to the top plate liners, lowmaintenance fifth wheel couplings
(Series W) have to be lubricated on the lock jaw only, not on the coupling plate.
The use of LubeTronic 1Point combined with a specially-coated lock jaw also eliminates this manual procedure. After activation the LubeTronic 1Point supplies the lock jaw with the optimum amount of grease – guaranteed for 3 years. The grease cartridge of the LubeTronic 1Point and the lock jaw must then be replaced.

Did you know …

… that low-maintenance fifth wheel couplingswith plastc top plate liners (version W) can be lubricated, but do not require it? To prevent corrosion of the trailer plate, we recommend light, basic lubrication of the trailer plate within the scope of the maintenance intervals listed in the installation and operating instructions. The locking mechanism must be lubricated. Automatic lubrication systems (such as LubeTronic 1Point) can be installed, as the top plate liners on the lowmaintenance JOST fifth wheel couplings are made not from teflon, but from polyethylene (PE).

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