Landing gears

Landing gear Modul

The Modul series of landing gear is extremely versatile. Thanks to its modular construction with variable mounting and operating heights, various crank handles and connection shaft lengths and different foot types, all client requirements can be met.

OPTIMA is the weight-optimized landing gear for longdistance transport applications. The Modul B is the proven best-in-class landing gear that can be compiled individually according to customer requirements and offers very versatile use. The Modul C range consists of various landing gears which are designed for special applications.

All ranges offer convincing product advantages: the integrated gearbox has optimum protection, and requires minimum force to be applied on the crank handle in both directions. At the same time, Modul offers an extraordinary increase in lift of up to 120 mm combined with smaller dimensions for fitting. It goes without saying that the landing gear is extremely sturdy and complies with the strict AAR standard.

The landing gear is not a standalone, functional device. It is designed to be mounted on a trailer. The vehicle may not be operated until it has been ensured that the towed vehicle with the support complies with the applicable national road traffic regulations. In Germany, the relevant “TÜV” Safety Regulations and “StVZO” Motor Vehicle Safety Standards are to be observed. The telescopic landing gear is always to be used in conjunction with the instructions for use issued by the manufacturer of the relevant  trailer.

Tried-and-tested Modul system

Since the market entrance Modul landing gears are setting benchmarks. The modular construction allows a multitude of different varieties.

  • Easy to assemble and replace foot system
  • Greatest flexibility of installation thanks to a range of back plates
  • Various crank handles and connection shaft lengths
  • Significant gain in lifting force compared to comparable products
  • Attractive design
  • For universal application
  • Type reduction thanks to modular system guarantees high level of flexibility in spare parts business

Advantages of Modul landing gears

Patented Modul drive

The patented drive is perfectly protected by the internal construction. In addition it offers various advantages in daily use:

  • Easy to change between high and low gears
  • Very compact construction with high efficiency and extremely low wear
  • Large lifting force per turn of the crank with low crank force allows easy and convenient operation
  • Reliably secured against run-down
  • Maintenance-free

Top service

Locations worldwide and a broad network of dealers ensure qualified support.

  • Competent and individual advice from Sales and Customer Service
  • Support for our customers using CAD data during the planning phase
  • High level of prevalence and global spare parts supply with short delivery times
  • Easy to repair, such as using our foot replacement system

    Outstanding corrosion protection

    Landing gears from JOST are especially sturdy and resist also unfavorable exterior conditions.

    • Careful pre-treatment
    • Premium surface through powder coating
    • Long-lasting protection against environmental influences and stone chips

    Top-class quality

    • Regular inspection during series production based on the strict AAR standard
    • Quality management in accordance with IATF 16949:2016
    • Environmental management in accordance with ISO 14001
    • 3 year guarantee

    Easy maintenance

    The Modul landing gears are equipped with a long-term lubrication. Therefore they can be used three years without relubrication.

    • Long-lasting, maintenance-free drive
    • No need for subsequent lubrication of our premium stabilisation and aluminium landing gears with lubrication tube


    Crank handles

    Various crank handle lengths for individual adjustment to thevehicle width.

    Order No.

    A (mm)

    B Low gear (mm)

    C High gear (mm)

    JS U01




    JS U02




    JS U03




    JS U04




    JS U05




    JS U07




    JS U08




    Connection shaft

    Order No.

    E (mm)

    JS L01


    JS L02


    JS L03


    JS L04


    JS L05


    JS L06


    JS L07


    JS L08


    JS L09


    JS L10


    Crank extension

    JS E030.001 and JS E030.007: The crank extension support is welded to the semi-trailer chassis.

    JS E030.004: The exterior chassis control is bolted to the landing gear.Assembly only possible with back plate above (01) or double back plate (03).

    Order No.

    A Low gear (mm)

    B High gear (mm)


    JS E030.001




    JS E030.004




    JS E030.007




    Mounting kits for bracing

    The shear and transverse forces that occur mean that bracing is required for the landing gear.Mounting kit (without bracing):

    Order No.


    JS E020.001

    Mounting kit, standard (28 bolts and nuts)

    JS E020.002

    Mounting kit, double plate (48 bolts and nuts)

    JS E020.003

    Back plate

    The following illustration shows an example of bracing:

    Order No.


    JS E010.001

    Bracing bracket, loose

    JS E010.010

    Bracket with clamp mount and fitting

    Order No.


    JS E0084000

    Grease nipple

    The perfect landing gear for every application

    Landing gears

    Best-in-Class landing gear Modul B

    • Versatility through modular design
    • Wide range of versions
    • For all needs

    Electric landing gear Modul E-Drive

    • Electric raising and lowering of the landing gear
    • Simple operation at the push of a button
    • Highly useful for limited accessibility and confined spaces and for frequent coupling and decoupling
    • Based on the highly reliable and robust Modul series

    Special telescopic landing gears Modul C

    • Modul C special telescopic landing gears for special applications
    • Especially compact telescopic landing gears with large ground clearance
    • Drawbar landing gears with pivot bearings for use in combination with central axle trailers and dollies
    • Especially robust telescopic landing gears for heavy duty applications
    • Telescopic landing gear with low-lying connection shaft, especially for tank and silo trailers
    • Stabilisation landing gear for rear support and level regulation.

    Our weight-optimized

    Landing gear OPTIMA

    • Ideally suited for long-distance transport
    • Economical
    • Available in three plate positions

    Drop leg FS 075

    • Ideal for applications that require low weight and where uncoupling is rarely needed.

    Aluminium landing gear Modul CA

    • Premium telescopic landing gears in aluminium design
    • Greatest possible weight advantage for telescopic landing gears
    • Ideally suited for tank and silo vehicles


    Two-sided operation

    All telescopic landing gears in our Modul series which are used in a set with a connection shaft are also available with two-sided operation with a special crank. Operation by two people reduces the manual force required to 110 N (at 16t lifting capacity) – operation by a single person from the right or left is also possible.


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