Mounting and Operating Instructions
EV HD-800 Slider 06/2012
EV HD-85 (Volvo / MB new Actros) 04/2024
EV MI Slider 03/2003
JSK SL 05/2024
JSK SL The new slider 04/2008
ProTech Slider Less weight and more robust 11/2019


Slider EV MI

Slider JSK SL

Slider EV HD Heavy duty


Sliders allow the position of the fifth wheel coupling to be moved on the semi-trailer tractor unit. This allows to optimise the axle load and load distribution, and the reduction of the total length of the articulated vehicle for ferry crossings or adaptation in order to comply with national regulations.

The new ProTech Slider for standard fifth wheel couplings offers an enormous weight advantage of up to 25 kg in comparison to similar sliders. The ProTech Slider is also suitable for wide frame hole patterns.

The JSK SL and ProTech sliders can be optionally equipped with a pneumatic control and are supplied as a complete unit with integrated fifth wheel coupling. The JOST EV HD slider is suitable for use with heavy duty fifth wheel couplings of all conventional makes with a connecting hole pattern corresponding to ISO 3842. National regulations and JOST mounting instructions at must be observed.

Fitting sliders

The slider is mounted on the mounting angles of the tractor unit. There is no need for an additional mounting plate. Further details for fitting the slider are given in the mounting instructions.

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